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Taking apart Omen Shadows. Whether you’re new to VALORANT or a seasoned pro, understanding the mysterious Omen is the only way to make your opponents afraid. We’ll learn about Omen, VALORANT’s most mystery Agent, and find out how to use Omen’s smokes and teleports in this Stryda guide.

Omen Shadows: Omen’s Strange Past

Omen is still a riddle because it is shrouded in shadow. No one knows where he came from or what his real name is, and he carries the weight of being a revenant, torn apart and killed. He doesn’t remember much about his past, except for being friends with Viper when he was human. As the third person to join the VALORANT Protocol, Omen is very important. He is always looking for signs about his past and the people who killed him.

What the Omen Does in VALORANT

There are five ghost controllers in VALORANT. Omen is one of them. His versatile kit makes him stand out because it’s what he does best: blocking view. His smokes, especially “Dark Cover,” which is his signature ability, are the best at setting up one-way smokes. With movement skills like “Shrouded Step” and “From the Shadows,” Omen can move around the battlefield in a way that no one else can.

Omen Shadows: An Overview of Omen’s Powers

Basic Skill Set

Step in the Cloak

  • It costs 100 Creds.
  • Key to enter: C
  • Use: To teleport
  • Fees: 2
  • Up to 15 meters away

Fear and worry

  • It costs 250 Creds.
  • Key to enter: Q
  • Nearsight is its job.
  • Fees: 1
  • Two seconds long.

Ability to Sign

Cover Dark

  • It costs 150 Creds.
  • Key for command: E
  • Use: smoke and vision blocker
  • Fees: 2
  • Length: 15 seconds

The Best Ability

From the Darkness

  • It costs 7 Ult Points.
  • Key for command: X
  • Use: To teleport
  • Length in total: 4 seconds

Omen Shadows: to Master Omens and Their Signs

Omen is good for both new players and experienced ones because he is easy to learn and can do many things. He is great as a Controller, but his skills can also be used in many other situations, too. This makes him a mixed Agent in VALORANT.

Omen lets you teleport.

Omen is famous for being able to travel using “Shrouded Step.” He can get to high ground with this skill and get useful information about how the enemy group is moving. Strategically use it to get out of tough situations or get ready for upcoming events.

When you travel, remember that the sound mark shows where you left from, not where you arrived. You can use “Shrouded Step” to get information, share it with your team, and create smoke to confuse people. Be careful, though, because the ability takes time to build up and use, which makes it a risky move in the heat of fight.

Mastering Omen with NIAGASLOT  is like going into the dark, where tactics and smarts win out. As you work your way through the secrets of VALORANT with Omen, turn into the shadow that makes your enemies afraid.